Lara Greene



This public sculpture was installed at the corner of Craiglockhart Rd N and Colinton Road, Edinburgh in November 2012.

The Sculpture depicts Wilfred Owen atop Craiglockhart Hill contemplating his war experiences. The sheer rock face ahead represents his precarious position, coming to the end of his life. He spent time recovering here in the War Hospital for shell shocked officers during WW1 before returning to the front. He wrote some of his most famous poems during his stay. The poem 'Spring Offensive' is etched in the brass panels on the sculpture.

The sculpture has cut out designs of spikey plants that are found on the hills here brambles and gorse. The other side of the sculpture has nine snakes that tumble and flow from Owens feet. These represent the horrors and fears of war hidden in the unconcious, but made visible to society by his poetry.