Lara Greene

  The Twittering Machine


I was commissioned to deliver this educational project by The Edinburgh International Festival. We worked with three primary school groups (P7). It culminated in an exhibtion of small wire sculptures displayed in the tropical palm glasshouse of the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. Music composed by other children's groups as a part of the overall project was played in the glasshouse.

We visitied the palm house at first to do drawings for inspiration. The project was also inspired by the composer Olivier Messiaen to mark the centinary of his birth. We also looked at the paintings of Paul Klee, one of which 'The Twittering Machine' gave the project its title.

The final sculptures fused plant forms with insects or birds. The children involved learned how to work with wire, how to cut it, join it and form it into coils or twist lengths together. They found it quite a challenge but learned a lot.

It was hard to photograph them in the palm house so i have included images of some of them against a white background.